The Manuscript in the Electric Garden
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The Manuscript in the Electric Garden
The Outsider
The Outsider
An Automatic Sequence in 16 Images
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The Outsider
THE OUTSIDER an Automatic Sequence in 16 Images, 2013
front covers from three Automatic Novels in Images
ICHAEL PAYSDEN'S artists' books are printed in limited editions, or on demand, and assembled by hand. They are mostly the works he terms Automatic Novels in Images. Each volume consists of a sequence of automatic drawings, presented in the exact order in which they were created, precisely as they emerged from the unconscious mind of the artist without subsequent correction or modification. This rapid flow of images constitutes the Automatic Novel or Romance. It allows a story to develop that was not consciously determined, the term automatic being borrowed by the early Surrealists from the field of Spiritism where it was used to indicate a technique for receiving messages from the Invisible World.
a selection of pages from Jazzfeet, 2012
a selection of pages from
an Automatic Romance told in 135 drawings
, 2009
In my early teens, I discovered Max Ernst's La Femme 100 Têtes and Une Semaine de Bonté. These collage novels had an enormous impact on me, especially for the flow of ideas across each successive image/page, the narrative that seemed to link them and lie between them. Shortly after, I encountered A Humument, Tom Phillips' marvellously re-worked pages that tap deeply into the unconscious in both words and images, and then, just a few years later, I came across Poema a Fumetti by Dino Buzzati, which made me realize how much could be expressed through the simple lines of a comic book. These artists, together with Jeff Keen, have had a significant influence on my life and work, and, above all, on the automatic romances I create...
a selection of pages from
being the second part of Metempsychosis a Notebook
, 2009
a selection of pages from
being the first part of Metempsychosis a Notebook
, 2008
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